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Wired world

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The postman brought us a treat this morning: volume 12 of WIRED Japan, with a big beautiful chunk of stuff about modern cycling and design, including a page about Boneshaker. We can’t read Japanese, so we’ll have to trust that they’ve said good things about us. It certainly looks good anyway. Top work, Taeko and the team in Tokyo. Check out WIRED Japan here. To bag the latest copy of Boneshaker, slide your slippery fingers thissaway.

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The Politics of Print


Boneshaker came into being partly because its founder, James Lucas, was so inspired by the stories arising from and connected to The Bristol Bike Project, which he also founded. Recently, he’s been involved in establishing The Letterpress Collective – a secret workshop that  is ‘bringing slumbering presses back to life to engage with artists, writers and community projects’  and ‘helping a new generation ‘understand the thrill of working a small press and seeing your creation in ink on paper’.

In many ways, Boneshaker is the natural mid-point between these two projects – the wonder of life on two wheels meets the thrill of tactile, tangible, beautiful print.

So many of our actions are political, whether we realise it or not. Committing words to print and thrusting them out into the world has always been an act ripe with political possibilities. Most cycling magazines are pretty apolitical, but at Boneshaker we’ve always been happy to let a certain gently revolutionary tang permeate what we do, from the meticulous research of Roads Were Not Built for Cars author Carlton Reid to round-the-worlder Julian Sayarer’s thoughtful spleen-venting.

So we were delighted to see the Letterpress Collective’s fabulous show The Politics of Print this week – an exhibition celebrating the power of words in letterpress printing at the wonderful Centrespace Gallery. Boneshaker pal and anarchocyclist Dennis Gould was very much in evidence, alongside work from celebrated printers including Stanley Donwood and Ken Campbell, and some brilliantly direct art politik fresh from the Collective’s presses. If this one was anything to go by, their future shows will definitely be worth a gander.

In the meantime, you can find out more about the the Letterpress Collective here. They’ll be announcing a new series of workshops soon…


Issue #14 sneaky peek

Check-a-check it out! Our new issue, hot ‘n’ fresh out the kitchen… Will be with stockists from this week onwards, and subscriptions/pre-orders are available now from our friends at Newsstand.



Hot off the press

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With the giddy anticipation of a father-to-be, I pedalled dangerously fast across the mean streets of inner Bristol to witness our latest offspring – Boneshaker #14 – come rolling off the hallowed Heidelberg presses at Taylor Brothers. Biased as a parent though I am, this one feels like the best yet. Alongside funny writing and fresh illustration from Stanley Donwood (yup, Radiohead’s go-to album artworker), there’s plenty of bone-crunching mishap, sun-bleached adventure and thoughts from the road. Expect an almighty geek-out at the beauty of headbadges, a meeting with Madrid’s master frame-builder, and an array of bonkers bicycle-related inventions from centuries past. It’s been a wild ride.

We’ll have the mag back from the printers next week, ready to ship to our beloved stockists as soon as we can parcel them up. Want to get yours first? Subscribe here.

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