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Super Stockist #2 : Mission Bicycle Company

There’s oodles of mutual love spreading across The Pond with our latest spotlight on a stockist: Mission Bicycle Company. Proud stockists of Boneshaker since the very first issue, the San Francisco-based custom bicycle company are the bespoke bike gurus if you’re after an affordable, easy and fun experience of designing your very own singlespeed or geared bike for city riding.


Set up in 2008, the company was formed with a simple premise: to build the most beautiful, practical and customisable bikes on the market. With key input from the rider at the design stage each Mission machine is perfectly tuned to a rider’s needs before it’s carefully hand-built at the company’s workshop in San Francisco’s Mission District. “When we started none of this existed for urban commuters. If you wanted a custom bike you either had to source every component and build it yourself, or pay a custom fabrication shop, which is very expensive,” explains Mission’s Kai McMurty. “Mission was started so any commuter could design his or her dream bike in an hour, and be riding a custom bike in a few weeks.”


With their hand-welded steel framesets designed by local framebuilder Emmanuel Eng, a custom Mission frame is not only lightweight and long-lasting, but a genuine product of San Francisco; a city that constantly inspires the Mission team, especially when it comes to riding. Which begs the question, if we wanted to explore the city on two wheels what’s the best route? “There are lots of inspiring streets in San Francisco,” says Kai. “Market Street during rush hour is a blast because it’s packed with bikes. Being part of a peloton of commuters is always gratifying. Golden Gate Park is an oasis of calm right in the city. Separated bike lanes and beautiful scenery make it a must see… or must ride. And of course, the little side streets and alleyways in our Mission District are full of vibrant colour and culture. A slow ride and a stop for coffee is a bit magical.”


The company builds around 700 bikes a year with each and every one different to those that came before it. “After six years of builds we’re still surprised and impressed with the designs our riders come up with… There’s always a new bike to get excited about.” With such an extensive back catalogue of custom bikes to choose from it’s no surprise the team find it hard to pick a favourite. But hanging in the back room of the Mission shop on Valencia Street is the very first frame prototype the company built. “It’s obviously sentimental for us,” says Kai. “And a literal and figurative symbol of our efforts and beliefs.”


In the bicycle building community there’s increased competition among custom bike businesses to attract clients willing to part with their hard-earned cash in exchange for a bicycle that not only fits their needs, but also their personality. So, what sets Mission Bicycle apart from other custom bike builders in the SF area? “We focus exclusively on the bike as transportation. Our bikes and our gear are all designed to make city riding as fun and easy as possible. We want to see more riders on city streets around the world, with bigger smiles.” And who doesn’t want to see more smiley cyclists on their morning commute, whether that’s dodging traffic on Golden Gate Bridge or battling the gradient of Park Street in Bristol.

For more information about Mission Bicycle Company visit: missionbicycle.com. Or when you’re next in San Francisco stop by their shop on Valencia Street to shop, test ride, rent a bike, or design your own. 

Copenhagen Bike Messengers

You know you’ve got that elusive work-life balance sussed when your work is your life(style) and vice versa. The Danish cycling nuts behind the website Ride Copenhagen have created this rather awesome Boneshaker-esque video that focuses on two bike messengers from Copenhagen, Jumbo and Fergie, during the pre-event for the European Cycle Messenger Championship 2014, which took place in Stockholm during July.

These bike messengers have not only dedicated their working lives to our two-wheeled friends, but they’ve also immersed themselves into a social circle of fellow fixie fanatics. This small community of Danish bike messengers host an array of national competitions, such as fast n’ furious alleycats, urban hill climbs and Strip Naked While Holding A Track Stand champs (we’re not kidding, just watch the video). For these bike messengers their job is about so much more than just money; it’s about speed, friendship, gear and the sense of freedom. We totally get that.

Wired world

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The postman brought us a treat this morning: volume 12 of WIRED Japan, with a big beautiful chunk of stuff about modern cycling and design, including a page about Boneshaker. We can’t read Japanese, so we’ll have to trust that they’ve said good things about us. It certainly looks good anyway. Top work, Taeko and the team in Tokyo. Check out WIRED Japan here. To bag the latest copy of Boneshaker, slide your slippery fingers thissaway.

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Issue #14 sneaky peek

Check-a-check it out! Our new issue, hot ‘n’ fresh out the kitchen… Will be with stockists from this week onwards, and subscriptions/pre-orders are available now from our friends at Newsstand.