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Riders of the world: Unite!


We’ve been friends with Restrap since the very beginning – the Yorkshire-based creators of some of cycling’s best accessories and clothing began not long after Boneshaker’s first issue hit the shops. And we’ve stayed in touch ever since. So we were delighted when Restrap mainman Nathan Hughes got in touch to tell us about their latest offering, the ingenious cycling bag called Unite.



At its heart it’s a tough, waterproof backpack. As with all Restrap products, it was designed and handmade in Yorkshire. The bag rolls flat when empty, or expands to a 30L capacity when fully loaded.



Accompanying the main body of the bag are a set of modules: two pouches, a bottle holster and a waistband.You can attach one or more of these to the main backpack, in up to 1000 different ways, we’re told.



Where it gets cunning is how they attach: with a patented magnetic fastening system. The magnets are powerful enough for each module to remain attached even under 40kg of strain. Clever magnets also play a key role in the bag’s patented fastening system: both the adjustable chest strap and the waistband can be opened, closed and locked with one hand, even when wearing gloves.



The waistband can also be removed and worn separately with the pouches, or adapted as a smaller bag in its own right.



The aim was to create one bag for everything. And it looks like they might’ve nailed it. We can’t wait to try one out – watch this space.

The Unite backpack is available to pre-order now, starting at £139.99 for the main back pack.


Bunyan Velo Story

Skift Forum: Bunyan Velo’s Lucas Winzenburg from Skift on Vimeo.

A good pal of Boneshaker, Lucas Winzenburg, tells the story of how the wonderful Bunyan Velo, a quarterly online collection of photographs, essays, and stories celebrating the simple pleasures of traveling by bicycle, came into being. Worth a watch!

Issue 15: First glimpse!


The first sneaky peek at the brand new issue of Boneshaker. It’s our biggest and most adventurous issue yet, laden with wonderful bike stories, illustrations and photography.

Pre-orders are available now from Newsstand (just click on ‘Next Issue’), and we’ll be flinging these at our lovely stockists as soon as we can.

Also, don’t forget our issue #15 launch party at Artcrank Bristol on Fri Sep 19. See you there?

Cover artwork by Raid71

BS15_Sneak Peak


That’d be Rad

That’d Be Rad from Zenga Bros on Vimeo.

Our good pal Benny Zenga just sent us over this cracking new little short film. Four brothers (the Zenga Bros) get together to discuss their dream of the ultimate family road trip. 17 family members, 6 to 60 years of age, tour the Pacific Northwest on custom art bikes and in wildly decorated vans, their dream unraveling on the open road before them. Well worth a peep!