Welcome to the Boneshakercast – Boneshaker Magazine’s very own Podcast.

Lend us your ears for an audio tour into the world of Boneshaker magazine. We’ll bring you a world of adventure and freedom, celebrating the poetry and politics of cycling, and all of the emotional and sensory riches to be found on two wheels. Please help to get us moving by subscribing, rating, and most importantly reviewing us on Itunes and stitcher! And do share on Facebook and Twitter…

This is presented and produced by Gary Fawle at eventsinsound.com

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Episode 02: Tracing the Broken Lines

Saddle up and follow the ghosts of American history, as we ride strange bicycles with Audrey Snyder and Jo Riley. Audrey and Jo founded the Parallel Cases project, using bikes and printing to explore America’s forgotten railroads. We also hear from cycling storysmith Jet McDonald as he shares some psychogeographic thoughts on what it means to be broken.

Episode 01: Beginnings

The first Boneshakercast is a chance to meet the magazine’s creators, James Lucas and Mike White, to dip a toe into the whirl of stories the magazine has featured, from tandem adventures across Patagonia to the freak-bike gangs of LA, taking in history, politics and pop-eyed nymphomaniacs along the way.