Papergirl: art meets bikes


Papergirl is a project that brings together two of Boneshaker’s favourite things: bicycles and art. The idea’s simple: artists make pictures which are exhibited and then given away at random by cyclists looping through the city. It began in Berlin in 2006, in response to a law banning the posting of art in public places within the city. Local artist Aisha Ronniger dreamt up the Papergirl delivery method as an alternative way of sharing art in public spaces, getting it out into the world in a completely democratic, inclusive way. The idea has caught on, with Papergirl happenings now brightening up cities all over the world.

We first did a feature on Papergirl way back in Boneshaker issue 3, inspired by the freewheeling creativity at its heart. In another story in our most recent issue, Papergirl featured again, catalyst for love and life-changing friendships in darkest Norwich.


So we were delighted when the Papergirl gang got in touch to let us know about a new Papergirl event that’s coming up in Boneshaker’s home city of Bristol. There’s an open call for artwork until 1 April 2015.

So get doodling and get involved.

Find out more at papergirl-bristol.blogspot.com

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