Hot off the press

City of Bristol-20140401-01437

With the giddy anticipation of a father-to-be, I pedalled dangerously fast across the mean streets of inner Bristol to witness our latest offspring – Boneshaker #14 – come rolling off the hallowed Heidelberg presses at Taylor Brothers. Biased as a parent though I am, this one feels like the best yet. Alongside funny writing and fresh illustration from Stanley Donwood (yup, Radiohead’s go-to album artworker), there’s plenty of bone-crunching mishap, sun-bleached adventure and thoughts from the road. Expect an almighty geek-out at the beauty of headbadges, a meeting with Madrid’s master frame-builder, and an array of bonkers bicycle-related inventions from centuries past. It’s been a wild ride.

We’ll have the mag back from the printers next week, ready to ship to our beloved stockists as soon as we can parcel them up. Want to get yours first? Subscribe here.

City of Bristol-20140401-01438

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