Can I contribute to Boneshaker?
Boneshaker’s always been a collaborative project. So whether you like to write, take photographs, illustrate or have other ideas for getting involved, please get in touch. If you have a specific idea for a piece, email over a quick pitch explaining your idea in a paragraph or two, telling us why it’s new/interesting/important and saying where you’d go, who you’d speak to and what your angle on the story would be. It’s also useful to have an idea of timeframes – when you could deliver the finished piece (if everything goes ahead) and whether the content relates to a date-specific event.  Please bear in mind that Boneshaker is read all over the world, and as such, all articles need to be applicable regardless of their geography. Also, all issues of Boneshaker are undated, and we try to ensure none of the content will ‘go out of date’ quickly – we want the mags to be kept and treasured, not discarded because it’s all last year’s news. If you are submitting photography, please remember that all images need to be a minimum of 300dpi resolution and preferably more where possible. If you’re submitting a written piece, then an idea about what kind of pictures might go with it is helpful. If these are to be your own photos, again they’d need to be at high resolution. We’re delighted with the level of interest we’ve had from potential contributors all over the world – but we’ve a limited number of pages to fill and lots of people who’d like to help fill them – so sadly we can’t use everything we’re sent.

Can you pay me for my contribution?
The magazine is currently a not-for-profit venture and as such we are unable to pay people for their submissions. We hope that this will change in the not too distant future, but for the time being all we offer is the nebulous benefit of ‘exposure’, the satisfaction of seeing your work in print and the knowledge that it is being enjoyed all over the world. All contributors naturally receive a free copy of the magazine and are welcome to buy further copies of the magazine from us at cost price should they wish.

Do you accept advertising?
Not in the traditional sense. And we don’t do sucky advertorial either. We’ve have decided to keep boneshaker free from advertising so far, but we are now looking at ways of working with people we like in a more considered way, with sponsored pages in future issues. We hope to trial this in 2015. If you think your product/brand might fit, please do get in touch. We are also happy to share events and projects and review appropriate products through our website and other social media.


What are the specifications of the magazine?
Full-colour, perfect-binding, 240mm x 170mm, FSC Challenger Offset matt paper stock, printed using vegetable inks. Different issues have different page counts (ignore the ’60 pages’ written above) – for 2015 onwards they will all be 100 pages+.

Do you have any information that will help me promote the magazine on my blog/website?
We’re currently in the process of updating our press pack, but do get in touch and we’ll happily supply you with images and text. Please do link back to www.boneshakermag.com whenever appropriate. Thanks.