Curiosity and wonder

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Every true cyclist knows there’s music in their machine. The click of cleat into pedal, the whirring chain, the hum of tyres on tarmac, the companionable creaks of a well-loaded pannier rack, the ping of an upturned twig striking a spinning spoke.

Composer Johnnyrandom makes beautiful music using everyday objects – in the case of his next single, Bespoken – which would be a great theme tune for this event – he’s chosen bicycle components.

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The results are playful and oddly uplifting. We hope to include some of this in the forthcoming Boneshaker podcasts – watch this space.

In the meantime, check out Bespoken below (if the Vimeo doesn’t show, try clicking refresh):

Johnnyrandom | Bespoken from Johnnyrandom on Vimeo.

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