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Copenhagen Bike Messengers

You know you’ve got that elusive work-life balance sussed when your work is your life(style) and vice versa. The Danish cycling nuts behind the website Ride Copenhagen have created this rather awesome Boneshaker-esque video that focuses on two bike messengers from Copenhagen, Jumbo and Fergie, during the pre-event for the European Cycle Messenger Championship 2014, which took place in Stockholm during July.

These bike messengers have not only dedicated their working lives to our two-wheeled friends, but they’ve also immersed themselves into a social circle of fellow fixie fanatics. This small community of Danish bike messengers host an array of national competitions, such as fast n’ furious alleycats, urban hill climbs and Strip Naked While Holding A Track Stand champs (we’re not kidding, just watch the video). For these bike messengers their job is about so much more than just money; it’s about speed, friendship, gear and the sense of freedom. We totally get that.

The North Race

An interesting idea by the guys over at The North Race – create the news and report it…

The North Race is a brand new online resource for cyclists and bike enthusiasts alike to find out about all the latest products, news and events within cycling in Britain and the world.

With the road, touring, commuting and fixed gear cycling scenes expanding across the country, The North Race will be at the forefront of current trends and affairs, posting fresh and original content daily on the blog, informing readers about the latest products and events, producing its very own range of clothing, accessories and parts, as well as organising local, regional and national events for all to enjoy.

The North Race is all about the cycling community. We recognise that it’s important to be creating the news rather than just reporting it. The profits from sales and advertising will be going back into the community; we are aiming to become a supportive non-profit organisation for cycling.

All sales and advertising revenue generated will allow us to fund cycling events and our aim is to encourage people to discover their local cycling community and to promote their scene. An interest in cycling and enjoying everything that cycling embraces is what is most important to us.