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The strange and beautiful bicycles of Bespoked

This weekend Boneshaker had a blast at Bespoked UK Handmade Bicycle show. It was a brilliant showcase of the range and quality of contemporary bicycle building. Our little stand was wedged in between Quoc Pham shoes, Brooks England’s bags and Vulpine’s stylish cycle clothing.

I snuck away one afternoon and tried to capture a flavour of all the bizarre and beautiful bikes on show. Using my shitty phone, and surrounded by people. So the pics are a bit, well, amateur. But the bikes more than make up for it. Feast your foolish eyes!

How’s this for a saddle? Mmm, comfy.

corinca painful saddle web

A frame that adjust to fit you: ingenious stuff from Hickman:

hickman amazing seat tube

Cofa Engineering‘s custom off-roader looks like it was built for the Terminator:

terminator bike by cofa engineering local

while this race machine from Sword cycles comes equipped twin machine guns.

sword cycles flight deck web

and Bowers Kustom‘s foldable shopper has snakeskin tyres.

bowers kustom snakeskin tyre by sweetskinz


Our pals at Restrap teamed up with Woodrup cycles to create this Transcontinental race bike, complete with a

completely strapless magnetic frame bag.

woodrup restrap continental


Cambridge-based Satoma Cycles went all Rennie Mackintosh:

satoma does rennie  mackintosh


Whilst Dear Susan created this faithful realisation of Edward Gorey’s Epipleptic Bicycle:

dear susan epileptic bicycle gorey


There was lots of lovely lugwork on show, like these chrome beauties from new builder Hilton Cycles.

lovely lugs by hilton


And these hearts ‘n’ diamonds by Woodrup.

swallow lugs


This colour-coordinated porteur by Robin Mather set onlookers swooning,

mather porter


as did Saffron Frameworks‘ prizewinning cross bike. saffron cross bike


Koushou Kinugawa (aka Helavna Cycles) had travelled all the way from Tokyo with his lovely machines:

helavna chrome helavna cycles koushou kinugawa tokyo

and then showed us a magazine that revealed just how inventive Japanese framebuilders can be. Check out this snow bike:

map bike mag snow bike

and this more summery barbecue bike:

map bike mag bbq bike


Like to relax while you ride? Try lying down:

japan bike mag lying down bike

Mind you, cycling whilst actually lounging in a hammock looks even more laid back:

map bike mag hammock bike



Finally, a feast of forks. Really long ones, on a chopper by Bowers Kustom:

forks bowers kustom chopper

Polka dots from Rusby cycles

dotty forks rusby web


Tattooed forks on the Toccata Track bike by Merenyi.

forks tattoo forks on toccata track by merely


Lovely colourplay from Field Cycles

forks field cycles sheffield


Another fabulous fork by Field

geo forks by not sure


Rainbow forks from new builders Dear Susan.

forks dear susan


…astonishing thread-wrapped frame and forks by titanium specialists Nevi

forks devi


and naval camoulflage-inspired paintwork from Tom Donhou:


forks donhou



It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend, with so many happy bike memories – not least the response to our brand new issue: Boneshaker #16 (available from Apr 21 via Newsstand and from our fabulous stockists as soon as we can get it to them), which we launched, hot off the press at Bespoked. Here’s a sneaky peek in case you missed it:

BS16_Sneak-Peak web

The fastest man on two wheels

“This is a love story, a story about a man and a bike, but no ordinary man and no ordinary bike…”

Battles, Bikes and Breaking Records : Graeme Obree from David Street on Vimeo.

A fascinating project in the making: a film about former cycling champion and maverick speed obsessive Graham Obree and his dream to break the world human powered speed record with a bike he hammered together on his kitchen table. It traces the story from that unremarkable kitchen in Ayrshire to the wobbly world record attempt in the Nevada desert. Complete with clumsy coffee spillages and gaffer tape holding together the strange, unstable wedge-bike the film’s a life affirming statement about the power of the human spirit and what we can achieve if we give it a go.

It’s about a man going 83mph on a bicycle with no vehicle assistance, and his nose a few inches off the ground.

The film’s being funded by a Kickstarter campaign – they’ve got until December 15 to raise another £6,000. Sling ’em a few shekels here.

The Joy Machine

Ace little film by our friends at Huck magazine, about Benny Zenga and his spectacular tall-bike, the Joy Machine. We had the pleasure of a little ride with Benny a couple of weeks’ back when he swooped into our hometown of Bristol to check out our favourite bike cafe Roll for the Soul, the Boneshaker-linked Letterpress Collective and the place where Boneshaker began, the Bristol Bike Project. He’s a real thinker is Benny, a great storyteller and really lovely bloke. Long may he and his Joy Machine ride…

A painful lack of commitment

OOF! Sometimes in life you have to really commit, early on, and see things through.

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