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Tratar Bikes: Wooden Bicycles Carved for the Perfect Ride

if you like what you see, visit their kickstarter page here.

A jacket with a hint of superhero


Remember how Clark Kent used to disappear into a phone box and reappear, seconds later, transformed into his tights-sporting alter ego?

The Starman Wind jacket, the latest offering from superior cycle wear brand Huez*, has a dash of that superhero mystique about it, employing as it does ‘Quickburst’ technology, which allows the zip to ‘burst’ open when pulled at its centre.

starmin wind zip

Presumably this won’t happen spontaneously after a mammoth mid-ride pie stop, but will enable quick one-handed temperature management as you ride. This alleviates the familiar fumbling for a zip with cold hands or cumbersome gloves, meaning your paws can be where they should be for longer – wrapped around your handlebars.

starman wind jacket2


We’ve already test-ridden Huez’s Starman Storm Jacket – a very fine piece of kit indeed. Assuming the same build quality and attention to detail apply for the Wind jacket, this will also be a robust, satisfyingly high-end bit of clobber. It’s made in Portugal from one of the lightest ripstop fabrics in the world, weighing in at just 25g/m2. As with the Storm jacket, there are twin vents at the back for ventilation, which also allow fumble-free access to your jersey pockets.  The Starman Wind also has its own inner pocket, which doubles as a stow-sack for when the jacket’s not in use.

Pledges are now being taken for the Kickstarter (runs until New Year’s Eve), with goodies up for grabs from £10 up (for a Huez* cycling cap). £100 will secure your very own Starman Wind jacket, with free shipping to anywhere in the UK.

Find out more here.


Up Up Up!

Up Up Up from Thom Heald on Vimeo.

‘Hill climbing is a niche within a niche. It was one of the original tests of a cyclists skill, the proving ground before time-trials and road races. Now somewhat forgotten, a hardcore band of thin-limbed riders spend their Autumn sacrificing beer and cake for a shot at amateur bike racing glory.’ Beautiful new little short from a Bristol buddy Thom Heald. We’re chuffed to be working with him on a boneshaker short right now – watch this space!



Skid lids. Bash hats. Melon buckets.

The simple bike helmet is such a contentious piece of kit. These innocuous brain-bowls are guaranteed to get cyclists everywhere squabbling. Some swear by their lifesaving capabilities, despite dubious scientific evidence. Some despise helmets for distracting debate from the real threats to cyclist safety (untamed motor traffic and ill-conceived infrastructure), for their association with victim-blaming, for the way that legal compulsion to wear them reduces overall uptake of cycling.

At Boneshaker, we take a pretty open-minded stance – wear one if you want, don’t if you don’t.

Either way, it’s definitely true that style concerns put many a would-be helmet wearer off. With a few laudable exceptions, the contemporary look is typically somewhere between a futuristic alien and an evil insect.

Enter Dappercaps, a stylish new British-made helmet designed in Cornwall and constructed from tough, lightweight carbon.

dapper caps1

Offered in a range of tasteful hues, they exude the sophisticated air of an old-school polo player. The helmets have a luxurious moleskin-style finish and chrome edging.

dapper caps3

The sleek lines are interrupted only by minimal ventilation (a grooved interior, and seven small holes around the top) but given that the Dappercaps team are supporters of the Slow Bicycle Movement, their helmets are not intended for high-intensity racing, more for looping around town at a leisurely pace.  Each helmet is hand-made in Cornwall by people who make safety helmets for the coastguard and police.

dapper caps2

A Dappercap is likely to set you back about £150. Not cheap, but then this is a hand-crafted item, made by working with moulds rather than machinery. Their quality control is, they promise, first-rate. “There are cheaper countries to manufacture in and cheaper materials,” they say, “but we want to create local jobs and keep that carbon footprint low.”

Dappercaps’ Kickstarter campaign is drawing to a close as we type (ends on Friday night, Dec 5th), but there’s still a chance to bag yourself one for £50 less than the estimated retail price. Details here.