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Actual heartbeat

We’ve been friends and fans of LA cinematographer and bike nut Richie Trimble for yonks now. He appeared in a feature in Boneshaker issue 13 – but you’re more likely to recognise him from the multi-million-wiewed YouTube vids of his Stoopidtall and Stoopidtaller tall bikes, weaving through the sunny streets of Los Angeles as amazed onlookers gawp up at him.

We were delighted to get an email this morning announcing that Stoopidtaller’s just officially scooped a Guinness World Record for being the tallest rideable bicycle in the world. The bike measures a whopping 6.15m (20ft 2.5 in) tall – and you can bet it feels even taller from the saddle!

And we were doubly delighted to watch the video above, (our favourite bit’s the ‘actual heartbeat’ moment from 2min 56) and see that Richie himself is sporting one of our very own Boneshaker cycling caps