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Me For Queen release cycling themed album

“Hey Boneshaker, we’ve written and recorded an album about cycling, whaddaya think?”
“We love it”
“But you haven’t actually listened to it yet”
“It’s a music album. And it’s entirely cycling themed. What more do we need to know?”

There’s little surprise that after we listened to Iron Horse we were indeed in love with it. The album is a celebration of cycling in the city; the joy as well as the vulnerability of cycling in an urban setting. The standout track is White Bike, a poignant tribute to the tragic death of a number of cyclists on our city’s roads – the song is set to be the official tune for Road Safety Week on the 17-23 November, 2014.

Talking about Iron Horse to The Ringmaster Review, lead singer Mary Erskine explained that “there are tracks about the freedom of cycling, the rage and fear you sometimes feel on your bike when surrounded by cars, and a white bike tribute”. She adds: “You’ll like it whether you cycle or not.”

You can watch the video to White Bike below and the album, Iron Horse, is available to buy now on iTunes. For more info about Me For Queen visit: cargocollective.com/meforqueen

Artcrank x Boneshaker #15

Artwork by Raid71
Flyer design by Oliver Norcott & Luke Francis

Issue 15 Poster

Issue 15: First glimpse!


The first sneaky peek at the brand new issue of Boneshaker. It’s our biggest and most adventurous issue yet, laden with wonderful bike stories, illustrations and photography.

Pre-orders are available now from Newsstand (just click on ‘Next Issue’), and we’ll be flinging these at our lovely stockists as soon as we can.

Also, don’t forget our issue #15 launch party at Artcrank Bristol on Fri Sep 19. See you there?

Cover artwork by Raid71

BS15_Sneak Peak


Copenhagen Bike Messengers

You know you’ve got that elusive work-life balance sussed when your work is your life(style) and vice versa. The Danish cycling nuts behind the website Ride Copenhagen have created this rather awesome Boneshaker-esque video that focuses on two bike messengers from Copenhagen, Jumbo and Fergie, during the pre-event for the European Cycle Messenger Championship 2014, which took place in Stockholm during July.

These bike messengers have not only dedicated their working lives to our two-wheeled friends, but they’ve also immersed themselves into a social circle of fellow fixie fanatics. This small community of Danish bike messengers host an array of national competitions, such as fast n’ furious alleycats, urban hill climbs and Strip Naked While Holding A Track Stand champs (we’re not kidding, just watch the video). For these bike messengers their job is about so much more than just money; it’s about speed, friendship, gear and the sense of freedom. We totally get that.