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A brand new Journey


Our good friends at Journey magazine have a new volume coming out soon, and for a limited time you can get your paws on it at a discount rate, and nab some limited edition Journey goodies too.

They’re crowd-funding the new volume for lots of really good reasons, reasons that really resound with us here at Boneshaker.

As co-founder Paul Smith explains, “We aren’t playing the regular subscription-mag game, or distributing boxes of mags to the far corners of NZ, just to be dumped and recycled. We do this for the love of riding bikes and sharing the adventure. We want every copy of Journey to go to a home that will read and cherish it. We will crowd fund each volume of Journey from now on, aiming for one every 6-ish months. That lets us create something beautiful and not be influenced by deadlines and the need to turn a profit. And it gives us an idea of how many we need to print.

But it means we rely on you to back each issue. We’ve made that simple. Our basic reward is a copy of Journey volume five. If you are quick you’ll get it at a discount. Beyond that, you can treat yourself to a limited run patch, journal or Adam Errington print. The designs are unique to volume five, and when they run out, we won’t make any more. We’ll print in early September and deliver them straight to your door.”

So fumble your fine fingers thissaway and get involved…