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Temwa to Paris

Charity rides are great. Thousands of them seem to happen every year – if we blogged about all of them we’d never get anything (else) done. But this one’s got a great looking poster that explains it all so we don’t have to. Plus it’s organised by Temwa, a charity based in Boneshaker’s home town of Bristol, that helps to fight poverty, hunger and disease in Malawi.

Anyway, here’s the poster. Now do the ride.


Kinoko Cycles

Kinoko Cycles 1

A little introduction to one of our most stylish and best-loved stockists, who’ve been beside Boneshaker from the early days. We just learned that this store is set to close by the end of August, though Kinoko will live on as a web store.

Founded by Max Lewis in 2006, Kinoko Cycles is the creation of everything he loves about cycling. Fuelled by his passion for bikes and builders the business plan was simple – to create a melting pot of sport, design and fashion. And over the past 8 years he’s done just that.

Initially inspired by the competitive track racing and custom bike scene in Japan the business began as Tokyo Fixed, an aptly named web-based shop selling bike products and apparel to serious bike enthusiasts all over the world. Its success online resulted in the opening of a London shop in 2009, where the team could focus on the beating heart of the business: building beautiful custom bikes.

Kinoko Cycles 5

Kinoko Cycles’ flagship Golden Square store in Soho, which opened its doors in 2013, has become a mecca for people looking for top quality and stylish cycling equipment, from beautiful custom steel frames to lightweight road bikes. As the business continues to develop the focus is set to shift to Kinoko’s clothing range but they will continue to seek out hard-to-find frames and components to add something unique to their online-only presence. “Moving forward we will be putting all our efforts into our web site. We will continue to seek out brands, we will continue to work on features, photography and work on projects with talented designers. This will always be a part of what we do,” Max told industry news site Bikebiz (also friends of Boneshaker).

Kinoko Cycles 2

Asked to pick a favourite bike from the current range at Kinoko Cycles it’s one of these great brands that Max opts for: “a Cannondale Super 6 EVO Black edition – slightly boring answer, but if you like riding road bikes you’ll understand!” And quizzed about where in the world he’d want to release his inner Sagan riding this super SUPER lightweight machine (5.2kg sans pedals) Max is decidedly patriotic with his response. “Personally I love the Black Mountains in Wales [with their] very quiet roads, stunning scenery and brutal climbs – there are so many amazing places to ride in the UK.”

Kinoko Cycles really has become a treasure for all things cycling, off and on the bike – a reminder of just how beautiful bicycles can be. Long may they ride.

Kinoko Cycles 4

The Printing Bike Project

A great new project from pals of ours, Nick Hand and Robin Mather. Go on and give them a helping hand here won’t you?!

That’d be Rad

That’d Be Rad from Zenga Bros on Vimeo.

Our good pal Benny Zenga just sent us over this cracking new little short film. Four brothers (the Zenga Bros) get together to discuss their dream of the ultimate family road trip. 17 family members, 6 to 60 years of age, tour the Pacific Northwest on custom art bikes and in wildly decorated vans, their dream unraveling on the open road before them. Well worth a peep!