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Folda and wiser?


Despite many ingenious attempts, the world’s greatest inventors have thus far failed to devise a sensible bicycle caravan. Even Leonardo Da Vinci never managed it.

They’re either too heavy or too big or can’t be reduced in size for storage, or they’re too small even for a very schnuggly couple. A confident curve of a contraption, The Woodenwidget Foldavan promises to solve all these problems. Perhaps the most exciting/inconvenient (delete as appropriate) feature of the Foldavan is that you have to build it first. A measly £30 buys you the 100-pages of step-by-step instructions needed to build the thing – unlike Ikea, the actual materials to build it with are not included. But with basic tools and an unflagging can-do attitude, you should be able to knock up your own Foldavan-style home from home in around 50 hours. Maybe have a cuppa and a Hobnob half way through. The materials needed are inexpensive and obtainable in varying qualities to suit your budget, say the designers. It’s about 15 times heavier and a lot more faff than a touring tent, and probably a bit hairy in a cross-wind, but it does look kinda fun…

Check out the website here. And watch the Foldavan in action –  complete with amused onlookers and good looking young things chilllllaxing beneath a trippy paisley ceiling here.

Cycling Obsessions!


 “Cyclists are an obsessive bunch sometimes. Whether it’s getting hung up about the latest kit such as clothing or the type of bike you ride, or simply the order in which you do things when you’re getting ready to ride anywhere, we all have our little routines. I got to thinking about a few of my eccentricities, while I was out riding my bike funnily enough, and thought it would be great to illustrate these” says Christian Tait.

So if you fancy it, why not share your personal cycling rules and routines with him? He plans to illustrate some more and build them into a series of images. Take a look here. Share them with him by tweeting @createcadence or emailing: christian@creative-cadence.co.uk

Bristol Cycle Festival Short Film

A great little short about Bristol’s Cycle Festival, featuring boneshaker’s very own mike white and the bomberdrome. Already looking forward to this year’s festival!

REVIEW : Knog Blinder Road 3



“Never before has there been a Blinder Light so technically superior and bright. Loaded with a mammoth 300 lumens of light, all from a lightweight 105g, 100% waterproof, USB rechargeable, integrated silicone package; Blinder Road 3 was not designed for the faint hearted.” Knog Website.

We had the pleasure of receiving the latest Knog Blinder Road 3 light at Boneshaker HQ last week. Having been really impressed with the little Knog Blinder 1 and now using them continuously for my daily commute, I was really excited to try this one out. And so having stepped off the train on a wet, gloomy Christmas Eve in Barnstaple in North Devon, the opportunity presented itself; I had an hour’s cycle ahead of me to reach the cottage I was to be staying in over Christmas. I knew that there was a great cycle path that I could take called the Tarka Trail, but that it is unlit for the most part. On went the Road 3 light and BOOM, there was the path, lit up fantastically ahead of me! This light has all sorts of settings and I got to try them all out. On returning to the main road, i flipped it on to the flashing mode and felt confident, despite the very heavy rain, that it wouldn’t struggle in the wet. Like the Blinder 1 lights, it is remarkably easy to attach and take off most bike bars and is a really slick-looking bit of kit. I have read a few comments about it coming off people’s bars quite easily, but I didn’t find this to be the case despite the rough bits of track that I encountered. Well impressive and I’m now really looking forward to the next night ride out with it 🙂 www.knog.com.au