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Stoopidtaller’s Maiden Voyage!


Filmmaker, friend of Boneshaker and member of Los Angelopes Richie T just sent us through some great pics of the maiden voyage of the Stoopidtaller bike he’s just finished constructing! Yup,  it’s even taller than the notorious Stoopidtall you might have seen on YouTube earlier this year. Awesome stuff. Check out more photos here. And yes, that is a limited edition Boneshaker cap Richie’s wearing in the last few photos…

San Francisco in the Saddle!


One of Boneshaker’s creative directors, Luke Francis, has just updated his blog with a superb piece about his recent time cycling around San Francisco.

“I was more interested in my freedom to explore the very heart of San Francisco. This freedom came in the form of two wheels, having flown my own trusty Charge bike alongside me. For two straight weeks, my bike and I could roam every street, stop at every viewpoint and coast the 7×7 mile square grid with a degree of effortlessness – if you discount the many hills. The agenda was simply to wake-up, drink coffee and go discover, to find out what was happening at any given moment and see the city unfold before my eyes.”

Read the whole piece and see more photos here.

A Boris bike up Mont Ventoux

The title sums it up, really – a brave chap called Rob Holden took a Boris bike on 24-hr hire, and managed to get the blue brute all the way up the mountain that defeated Tommy Simpson and left Eddy Merckx needing an oxygen tank. Admittedly Rob and his chums did drive the bike to the mountain in a van – it would’ve been a more impressive feat had he ridden it all the way from Southwark to the South of France – but it’s still quite a hill to tackle with only 3 gears and a bike that weighs more than 20kg. And he did it for a good cause. Chapeau, Mr. Holden.

Road Bike Party 2

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past few days – here’s the latest unmissably amazing short film from Martyn Ashton, as 15 grand’s worth of Colnago C59 Disc take a spectacular punishing…

Bit of back story from Global Cycling Network’s Facebook:

“Road Bike Party 2 was nearing completion when Martyn Ashton, GCN’s great friend, trials legend, star and creator of Road Bike Party, fell during a trials display and was tragically paralysed from the waist down. Courage, determination, great friends and a couple of special guest appearances have helped Martyn to complete his vision for Road Bike Party 2.

No bikes were harmed in the making of this film.”