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Cargo Bike Love x


I love the 8freight cargo bike SO bloody much! I’ve been helping set up a new Letterpress Workshop in Bristol and had to haul a whole bunch of building materials across the city last week and so borrowed one from The Bristol Bike Project. More info about these wonderful wheelers here! – Jimmy eLL

The Bristol Comic and Zine Fair


The Bristol Comic and Zine Fair returns for a third year to celebrate the world of DIY and independent publishing. The fair brings together artists, writers, publishers and booksellers from across Bristol and further afield for a one-day market. There’ll be self-published zines, homemade comics, handmade books, alternative publications and all things in-between on offer and we’ll have a stall there too, laden with Boneshaker goodies. Come and say hello…

Saturday October 5th, 12-6pm at The Station, BS1 2AG – free entry.

The Bristol Cycle Festival film

…and speaking of films and cycle festivals, the Bristol Cycle Festival will premier the film of this year’s fun at Roll for the Soul this Saturday, 6pm. It’ll be great. Here’s a wee taster to whet your appetites…

Bristol Cycle Festival trailer from Stick in Mind on Vimeo.

The idiot in the cap shouting into the megaphone at the end is Boneshaker’s co-editor, Mike. He’s not normally the shouting type, which makes this footage all the more unexpected.

The Bomberdrome Film

“I’m on my mountain bike, you’re on your road bike. What the **** are those lot on?”

Anyone who read Boneshaker #11 will know about the Ministry of Bicycles‘ Bomberdrome – the UK’s only Bicycle Wall of Death. Or, more accurately,  ‘bowl of harm’. Source of strange circular thrills and the defying of mild peril. It’s awesome. We loved the story so much, we asked the Bomberdrome boys to come down to this year’s Bristol Cycle Festival where they rocked the show.  Now a fine looking film’s been made about the Bomberdrome project. Feast your foolish eyes: