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Best Bike Shops


Everyone loves their favourite local bike shop. Here’s an nice-looking film from our friends at Monocle about three great bike shops: Gallant Bicycles in Toronto, Monochrome in Buenos Aires and Gorilla in Zurich. All of which should be Boneshaker stockists – we’ll be in touch!

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London Cycles

Retro Tweed by Ugo Gattoni 2013

After our recent collaboration with the V&A for Bikes v Design, we’re really looking forward to the Museum of London’s London Cycles foyer exhibition, which opens this Friday (July 5).

Highlights include freshly commissioned artwork by Ugo Gattoni, now best-known for his strange and wonderful London 2012 work, Bicycle (as featured in Boneshaker issue 11). He’s done ten new large-scale portraits ‘reflecting the diversity of cyclists and cycle style at play in London today’ – I wonder how many of us will see ourselves parodied in pen and ink…

Street Wise by Ugo Gattoni 2013

The museum will also be showing off an 1880s boneshaker (the bike, not the mag, we’ve only been around since 2009) as well as a penny farthing, a 1930s Enfield and a recently acquired ‘Boris’ bike.

Look out for an interesting-sounding series of visual ‘bike signatures’ showing journeys made across the city by the museum’s ‘Boris’ bike in collaboration with Professor Jo Wood from City University London. That one bike was mounted by over 2,280 bottoms in its brief time in active service ((if only saddles could talk. Actually, perhaps it’s best they can’t), and enjoyed more than 2,450 forays around the capital – meaning some of those bottoms were repeat customers.

Flower Power by Ugo Gattoni 2013

Tweed Runners and hardy commuters can try and spot themselves in screenings of headcam footage – often the aggrieved cyclists’ best chance of reparations, whilst we all wait for the government to pull its socks up and legislate for strict liability.

Anyway, that’s a rant for another day – London Cycles is free, and runs from 5 July to 23 September 2013, with a series of cycle-themed family events from bike-powered cinema to BMX performance showcases and cycle art happening over the weekend of 7 and 8 September.

Swivel your peepers thissaway for the full skinny.

le Tour explained

Don’t really understand the Tour de France? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Take 10-minutes to study this cute little animation and you’ll be able to bluff your way through the basics…