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boneshaker issue #11 launch!

America Recycled: The Film

They ate roadkill squirrel and bear, shared campfires with scary rednecks, dived dumpsters and experienced a haven of sexual fluidity… We featured the Hussin brothers’ amazing stories from the road in Boneshaker issue#8, as the digital hobos pedalled across the USA in search of a different America, a resurgent counterculture, new ways of living and thinking. Their writing, their photos and their ideas made for a compelling tale. Now they’re hoping to release a film of their adventures, with a little help from the crowd-funding good will of people like you. Swerve your generous paws here to help make a wild dream become filmic reality. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview…

The Nutter

We met Full Windsor’s eponymous mainman Mark Windsor at Bespoked last year, and he’s a great fellow. Full Windsor’s first foray into bicycle accessory design was the well-received Quickfix mudguard, which snaps on and off easily to avoid road-splatter skunk stripes without uglifying your precious ride. Check it out via Mark’s amusing monkey-powered website.

Now the Windsor warriors are saddling up for a new challenge, to fund and launch an all-singing, all-dancing bicycle multi-tool: The Nutter.

In Mark’s own words, “it combines the most commonly used bike tools into one high quality tool. Its unique design and distinctive form turns the tool into a handle, giving you more leverage than other multi tools on the market. Most cyclists usually carry a set of tyre levers, a multi tool and a spanner each time they go for a ride, The Nutter combines all these tools into one – saving you space, hassle and weight.” It looks pretty fly, too, with its own tailor-made pouch, made from matt black leather and recycled inner tubes.


They need £8k to get the Nutter into production, which they’re raising through Kickstarter. If you get in an early-bird pledge of £30 the Nutter will be yours, with its own case and the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped make a good thing happen. Pledge more and you could find yourself the lucky owner of a limited edition print or cycling jersey designed by Alex Fowkes – the jerseys are made by our fine friends at Milltag (who we also met at Bespoked), and the design makes you look like some kind of cybercyclist, with a highly-tuned exoskeleton of cogs and whatnot. You’re a cycling machine! etc.

Other pledge incentives include the chance to own a numbered, limited edition  Nutter with titanium coated tool bits and your name engraved upon its noble flank, as well as a premium leather pouch in jet black or burnt tan color (pictured at the top of this post).

It’s a fine looking piece of kit indeed – and it even has a bottle opener, for those morale-boosting mid-ride beers. To nab a Nutter for yourself, skip your silly fingers thissaway.



It’s in the bag

Restrap Loader - large size

We’ve been friends with Restrap for donkey’s years, ever since before they were famous for their ingenious pedal strap contraptions – and now the cunning monkeys have released a coupla good lookin’ bags, the ‘Highrise’ backpack and the ‘Loader’ messenger bag, which comes in two sizes. All the Restrap carrying devices work both as roll-tops and fold downs and can expand to carry those unexpected things you end up collecting on some rides – dark, mysterious ale, a stout beard brush, well-oiled blunderbuss, spare breeches etc. Magnanimously, Messrs Restrap have agreed to swap these fine luggage solutions for dirty cash. Part with yours here. Meanwhile, feast your ludicrous eyes on the goodly baggage: