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Issue 11: A sneaky peek

And so here it is… Issue#11, finally ready to go to press. Over its 64 perfect-bound and advert-free pages, it includes bicycle walls of death, hump-backed scorchers from the 19th Century, bikes and bad politics, a photo essay on an unseen side of Keirin racing, tall-bikes as a tool for challenging conformity and a song-singing cycle ride to India, amongst other things…

We’ll be parcelling up hot-off-the-press copies and getting them out to our lovely stockists as soon as we can next week.


Velo—2nd Gear

We’re stoked to have been included in this big ass book of beautiful bicycles, available from all good book shops soon and from the Gestalten webshop now. As if there wasn’t enough bike porn in your life already…

Here’s the official blurb:

“Choosing to ride a particular bike conveys an attitude and a way of life. Velo—2nd Gear illuminates and celebrates contemporary bicycle culture’s diverse scenes. From classic racing bikes to high-tech speed machines, from rough fixies to fashionable city cruisers and hardworking cargo bikes, this book showcases today’s most outstanding and unusual bicycles and their riders.

Velo—2nd Gear not only introduces coveted manufacturers, specialized boutiques, and historical tours. It also explains how each bike-related scene cultivates its own distinct codes through the choice of certain frames, jerseys, caps, or bags or by visiting specific events or key establishments. In doing so, the book shows why, for more and more people, bicycles have now replaced cars as the vehicles that best express their identity.”

There’s a special Pinterest page set up for it here.


Bicycle Musical Mixes by Silver Pyre

We’ve been discussing the idea of asking musicians to come up with mixes inspired by cycling for some time now and here is what we hope to be the first of many bicycle musical mixes. For your lugholes: two exclusive bicycle mixes for boneshaker by Silver Pyre (aka Gary Fawle). Read more about him here.

“I’ve always cycled; you need to when you grow up in the sticks, and as I got older it started to take on a different meaning. As I got further into music and visual arts, cycling became a way to let ideas unfold, in unison with landscapes or cityscapes unfolding as you ride. Listening to music when riding, particularly certain electronic music, aids the flow. You get the kinetics of rhythm for the body, soundscape and melody for the mind. Repetition and progression, perfect!” ~ Gary Fawle

AeXE is released on Sedgemoor Recordings 14th January

Music for the Straights mix
Clipper – Autechre / Lovemachine – Supermax / Private Life – Grace Jones / Reformed – Claro Intelecto / This Must Be The Place – Talking Heads / The Big Sky – Kate Bush / Acrid Avid Jam Shred – Aphex Twin / Carceres Ex Novum – Black Dog Productions / Hot On The Heels of Love – Throbbing Gristle / Born Metallic – Silver Pyre / Lasttrak – Plastikman

Download Silver Pyre’s ‘Music for the Straights’ here

Music for the Undulations mix
Aguirre II – Popul Vuh / Love Song – Lesley Duncan / Wear Your Seatbelt – Cliff Martinez / Harvest – Silver Pyre / Autumn Sweater – Yo La Tengo / Give Me Your Love – Curtis Mayfield / Yulquen – Autechre / Healing – Silver Pyre / Lullaby – The Cure / All The Sun That Shines – Peaking Lights / Charlotte’s Mouth – Seefeel / Maryan – Robert Wyatt / Gravity’s Angel – Laurie Anderson / The Bess Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull – Earth

Download Silver Pyre’s ‘Music for the Undulations’ here



These pics just came through from boneshaker pal & contributor Rocketfuelled Reuben who recently moved out to Montreal, Canada. “Lots of snow over here! People lose their bikes in the deluge – suppose they don’t see them again until April!” Nice.