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The Bicycle Drummer

We featured Puncture Kit (David Osborne to his mum) way back in issue 1 of Boneshaker, which seems like a lifetime ago now – since then he’s gone on to play at Glastonbury Festival and Milan Design Fair, at Alexandra Palace London playing support before The Black Keys, Florence and the Machine and Bombay Bicycle Club, even at the London 2012 Olympic road cycling events. So we were delighted when he got in touch to tell us he’s just released his debut album, The Bicycle Drummer. Cycling’s all about rhythm. About going your own way, doing your own thing. So a drum kit mounted on a bike makes a lot of sense, especially when it’s played with this kind of freewheeling skill…

It’s a blast, and surprisingly varied too, when you consider it’s basically ten extended drum solos, each recorded in one take, with minimal overdubs. There’s samba and afro-beat, jungle and hip hop, crisp minimalism, fun-loving party tracks and clinical rhythmic workouts. Fittingly enough, it works a treat as cycling music. Now I know that riding with headphones is frowned upon by many – there’s a time and a place for it, and it’s never a good idea to turn it up too loud in heavy traffic – but it shouldn’t be banned or anything; anyone who calls for that should also call for a ban on cars with roofs and stereos, or face being called a hypocrite. Anyway – back to business, to this marvelous album. As I was saying, it’s great headphone music, the crisp snare, the little hi-hat kisses, the immaculate production panning the beats back and forth through your head. It’s a rich, rewarding percussive feast – soundtrack for an almighty booty shake. Question is, can you dance and cycle at the same time?

Get your copy at www.puncturekit.co.uk


A little look at what’s in Issue 10

Very excited about Issue 10 – we have skeletons on bikes, bike-riding bee keepers, articles on spectators of races (rather than riders) and a great article about bikes and theatre, highlighting the great work of Burn The Curtain in their production of DOn Quixote on bikes… As usual, plenty to enjoy, inspire and get you fired up about people doing great things with bikes. For us its kind of a milestone, 10 issues, so its extra special for us that we are into double figures…


Roll for the Soul Cycle Cafe

Roll for the Soul will be a community-focused bike café for Bristol, UK. Its vision is to become the focal point for cycling in the city, celebrating and supporting our unique cycling culture. It’ll be for Bristol cyclists, by Bristol cyclists, which also means trying to attract non-cyclists to show them what they’re missing.

Check out the above video which features boneshaker co-founder James Lucas speaking on behalf of The Bristol Bike Project, from which boneshaker magazine originally started.

Get on board and help make this a reality here!


Boneshaker at Artcrank London

Artcrank London has its opening party this Friday at Plain Wall Projects in London… I am really chuffed to be one of the artists showing/selling my new print. More information on the show can be found on the Facebook page.

After the show, the remaining prints will be available from our web shop, so come down to the show or keep and eye out on the shop…

John Coe, Creative Director