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Issue 1 – Digital version now available

Due to the success of our FREE back issues over the last year on ISSUU, we have decided to create digital PDF versions for sale at our webshop. We have taken this decision to help sustain the printed magazine (and not to replace it). We are keen that the word spreads about the back issue PDFs and urge people to purchase this format if the cost of getting the printed version to them is simply too high.

As we do all of this for the love (ie not-for-profit) and are keen to remain advert-free, we wanted to make the digital versions available at a reasonable price and in a format that will help us spread the good word about people and their lives with bikes. It will also help Boneshaker grow and become a sustainable source of income for its founders initially, then some day its contributors.

Boneshaker Magazine – Issue #1 is now available in PDF format from our BigCartel shop.

All of the other back issues will follow over the coming weeks. We will continue to have a presence on ISSUU, however we will be using it to showcase some of the work from each issue, rather than making the whole magazine available for free.

The North Race

An interesting idea by the guys over at The North Race – create the news and report it…

The North Race is a brand new online resource for cyclists and bike enthusiasts alike to find out about all the latest products, news and events within cycling in Britain and the world.

With the road, touring, commuting and fixed gear cycling scenes expanding across the country, The North Race will be at the forefront of current trends and affairs, posting fresh and original content daily on the blog, informing readers about the latest products and events, producing its very own range of clothing, accessories and parts, as well as organising local, regional and national events for all to enjoy.

The North Race is all about the cycling community. We recognise that it’s important to be creating the news rather than just reporting it. The profits from sales and advertising will be going back into the community; we are aiming to become a supportive non-profit organisation for cycling.

All sales and advertising revenue generated will allow us to fund cycling events and our aim is to encourage people to discover their local cycling community and to promote their scene. An interest in cycling and enjoying everything that cycling embraces is what is most important to us.


Cycle Nepal

These guys just got in touch with us from International Childcare Trust about a six day cycle adventure across Nepal to raise funds for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Looks like an interesting challenge!

More info can be found here.