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This is part of a video montage series for #betterkl, a grassroots campaign in support of initiatives by KLites (people who originate from or live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) to contribute to a positive change in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to Jeffrey at Studio 25 for his support.

Whose Streets? People vs. Automobiles…..

“Streets have not always been controlled and dominated by car industries. Private cars are a disaster for human and non-human life, and it’s high time we reconnect to the long history that has been resisting this monster. Life was very different before the car and it will be very different AFTER the car too!”

This is a great piece by Chris Carlsson and well worth a read…..

First Stockist in Japan!

We are very excited to say that we now have our first stockist of boneshaker in Tokyo, Japan at Tsutaya Books. Hurrah! Thanks to Akari at Magazine Library for making this happen.

Rest Less Ride

Mountains and darkness, endless climbs and inky black lakes. And one unlucky badger. Last month, Team Boneshaker hooked up with Howies and Rob Penn, author of ‘It’s All About the Bike‘, for an all-night ride right across the width of the beautiful but not very flat country of Wales. It was quite a trip…


There’s an ace blog post about it here (that’s Boneshaker’s own Jimmy Ell in the pink legwarmers), and another excellent one here.