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Penny Farthing Festival

A fully bike-powered festival – with the energy supplied by YOU, just a short ride from Boneshaker HQ. This looks great…

Say the organisers:

“That’s right. You did read that correctly; You, the concert goer, will physically pedal to power the stage and the entertainment. Besides being the most fun and green way to amplify a live concert, it transforms the festival into a unique audience participation show! So put your drinks down and pull your helmets on; Penny Farthing Festival is 100% community driven.

So how in the high wheeler are we going to achieve this? Well, its all down to the Biker Bar; a mechanism that hooks up to the PA, enabling all of this to work. Easy peasy, generating electricity made easy.

Our mission is to promote sustainable energy and transport in Bath. We aim to show that cycling can easily be made a part of everyday life, and how it is able to transcend a means of transport.

So remember to polish your frame, oil your chain and to adjust your seat height and we’ll see you on the 5th May 2012 for Bath’s first and only bicycle powered music festival!”


20 Artists Re-work 20 Bikes

Wowzers! What an inspiring, beautifully shot little film. Some great ideas for pimpin your ride in there 🙂

More info at orto.si/kolesa

The Enlightened Cyclist Book Teaser

Downloadable Desktops Wallpapers!

Due to the interest in the the artists (both illustrators and photographers) that we feature in Boneshaker Magazine, we are pleased to offer FREE desktop wallpapers for your Mac or PC. The most recent addition is the Issue 8 cover by the fabulous Stevie Gee. Check them out here.