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Blowup Press is a small label that started of from the heart of berlin in 2010. They create T-Shirt Prints and Graphic Art that tell stories about the synthesis and approach between humans, animals and the natural world. The bicycle is the main focus of the collages that feature in the vélographique series.

All illustrations are by Nina Resigner, who we hope will feature as a contributor in a future issue of Boneshaker Magazine.


Bristol Bike Polo!

These guys are SO nice and i love playing polo with them! If you live in Bristol, come get involved!


Midnight Beach to Border Ride

At the end of this month the clocks go forward to mark the start of British Summer Time – losing us one hour in bed, but gaining us extra daylight to do more of the things we love. So on the night of the 24th, a group from howies and writer/ cyclist Rob Penn have invited Team Boneshaker amongst others to join them for a night-long bike ride across Wales, from beach to border. The 115 mile race against the sun begins in the early evening in Cardigan. Riding east through the night on dark back roads, over rolling hills and alongside lakes, the route will take us over some of the country’s most infamous peaks, before descending into Rob’s hometown of Abergavenny, in time for the sunrise. Some of us will be fast, some of us will be slow, some of us may not even make it to the finish. There will be flat tyres and deflated souls, mud, blood, sweat and struggle – the stuff that makes strong hearts and legs. But whatever happens, there’ll be no time to rest.

We are SO excited about this! Can’t wait…..

How bicycles can fight cancer

The Ride is an unusual bike adventure. A 1000-mile trip from John O’Groats to the Olympics, passing through five capital cities along the way. So far, so normal. Except on this ride, all those taking part are cancer patients, past or present. As the organisers say, “whatever is happening in your life, you stand a better chance of coping if your body and your mind are in good shape. If you have a little extra coping to do, like this bunch, it is vitally important.”

Although cancer is deadly serious, the ride’s all about fun. For the riders it’s about showing “the world and ourselves that you can live well with cancer because cancer is part of our lives not our whole life.” It’ll also raise awareness of the needs of people who try to keep active as part of their fight against cancer. With luck, it’ll also influence decision-making bodies too.

1 in 3 people in the UK develop cancer at some point in their lifetime. We all know someone whose life has been affected by cancer. This is a chance to use your bike to make a difference – everyone and anyone (whether a cancer patient or not) can get involved en route.

So… want to join The Ride? You can either do the whole hog, or one country only (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales, England), a one-day ride, or even just a short hop through one of the capitals along the way. For the whole hog and the country rides, spaces are reserved for past and present cancer patients only, but for day-rides and city rides everyone’s welcome.

Find out more at www.theride.org.uk