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Alice Nicol Designs

We had the pleasure of meeting Alice Nicol at our London launch last weekend. She is a printed textiles designer, ‘mildly’ obsessed with bicycles! She creates digitally-printed silk handkerchiefs & scarves, all of which pay homage to our two-wheeled friends.  She has two Design Fairs coming up in London here and over there.  Go say hello! Check out her website here.

The Bicycle Animation

Lovely animation sent to us by Katy Beveridge

‘James Bowthorpe’ by Robert Mason

Some truly great images of James Bowthorpe’s 24 hr cycle ride in the window of Look Mum No Hands earlier this year. Taken by  Robert Mason – see more of his work here. For a little background on the day and his pictures, Robert has put a few words together:

“I work part-time in ‘Look Mum No Hands’ cycle cafe where one day James Bowthorpe turned up and asked my manager if he could cycle for 24 hours in the shop window. The cafe looks out onto a busy Old St. At first I thought he was a nut case and was rather amused until I learned that James is a serious ‘round the world’ cyclist. The aim was to complete a virtual 300 miles which would equal the pace of a stage, at the race across America. Straight away I introduced myself and asked if I could take some portraits of him. I was curious why he chose the cafe. He said he liked the idea of getting people together and enjoys the cycle community who hang around the cafe.

The day came on 15th June. Rollapaluza set up a stunning working installation, complete with a digital read out, smoke machine and second bike for friends and public to join in. At 7.30pm James was off, fuelled by the support of his friends, family and cafe staff.

James cycled through the night, I was thinking of David Blaine’s publicity stunt by Tower bridge back in 2003 and was worried that he may suffer eggs been thrown at him etc…

He said that in fact passers by, although at first bemused, got it and cheered him on and enjoyed the novelty on the otherwise quiet summers night.

The following morning I started my shift at 7am and was happy to see James in great form, with the aid of his friend John McFaul who rode a 4 hour stint with him and some old school tunes from Les Rythmes Digitales. We fed him breakfast, lunch and dinner that day which he devoured feverishly.

In the afternoon I took several shots of him, we spoke later about the pictures, James said that he was surprised by the changes his face undertook over the 24 hours. He also found the shot taken from outside a good juxtaposition, between buildings and trees reflected on the glass window. For this shot felt pretty timeless, maybe James didn’t now what time it was in this moment.

At 3.30 p.m James had already reached his target. In the final stages leading up till 7.30 pm there was an eager crowd awaiting the talk. They cheered and egged him on to sprint for the final minute. By this time he was spent. Maybe he wished they were there at 3.30p.m!All in all he completed 425 miles! After finishing we tried to get him to down one of our ales, but he thought “best not” to as he was about to talk for an hour.”



Taking the long way home

Word reached us recently from the lovely people at Millican (makers of superior bags and the like) about their web designer Liz and her friend Chris, who are currently pedalling valiantly across the globe from Auckland to England, visiting Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and France along the way. Not a bad little jaunt. They’re also aiming to raise £20,000 to build a school with in South East Asia. They’re calling the ride Bikeabout, and you can read about their adventures (and sling ’em a fiver too, if you’re so minded) here