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The Urban Biking Handbook

We just got sent a copy of this to take a look at. The Urban Biking Handbook is a very nicely presented and accessible look at current cycling lifestyle, cycling communities and some technical stuff too – not only does it teach tons of repair and maintenance techniques, but it also shows popular skills such as converting a geared bike into a fixie and how to build a Frankenbike from parts scavenged from several bikes. Comprehensive and fun, this is worth a look if you don’t already own any other cycling repair manuals.

Conversations on the Coast

Our good pal and regular contributor Nick Hand, has just recently published a selection of 20 stories and photography from his fantastic Slowcoast project. If you have enjoyed his regular contributions to boneshaker, then you can buy yourself a copy from his website here. Recommended.

Cycling to work just got very cool

We all know that the popularity of people cycling to work has increased over the years and our love affair with the bike looks set to continue. A love affair that has been beautifully documented in the The Work Cycle; the latest self-initiated project by leading Bristol digital production agency, Pixillion.

www.theworkcycle.com is a web-based celebration of the Work Cyclist and their Work Cycles. A project that showcases through stunning photography how the Work Cycle is being successfully integrated into our working lives. What’s fascinating is the level of impact the humble bike is having on shaping the workspaces that we journey to. The collection of work spaces currently being showcased on the Work Cycle is an eclectic mix; from top notch creative agency Poke London, to national bike retailer Evans Cycles. The Work Cycle is an evolving project and Pixillion are calling for work cyclists to spread the word about the site, and if they’d like their work place to be featured on the Work Cycle, to get in touch.

Pixillion’s Creative Director Remco Merbis says, “We’re into all types of bikes and depending on the mood, day, or weather you can expect to see Mountain Bikes, Cyclocross bikes, Road bikes, Commuters/Hybrids and at least one folding bike littered about the studio. We’re really excited about our latest project from the Pixillion labs and staggered by the high standard of photography that has been submitted so far. It’s quite obvious the bike will remain a truly symbolic and loved mode of transport for many years to come.”

We’re pedalling through a renaissance where it’s not just the scantily clad Lycra boys waxing lyrical about their set of wheels – everyone and anyone that’s rediscovered the joy of riding their bike is loving it all over again.

Bristol Open video and photos

Bristol Open 2011 Hard Court Bicycle Polo Tournament from Rex Martin on Vimeo.

We were chuffed to be involved in last weekends Briston Open hardcourt polo tournament… when I say involved, I mean sponsoring and creating a nice collaborative t-shirt. The local polo legend and organiser of the event, Andre Sidel along with his Hacked Off team mates, put on a great tournament. A raffle took place with one of the Cardiff riders winning a bike given kindly by BREV-M and although the weather was pretty grim when I turned up with my Dad on the sunday for the last few games, the spirits were high and everyone cheered when the sun came back out and the games commenced.

My dad enjoyed it a great deal saying ‘if only I was 40 years younger…. I’d give it a go’ and ‘I don’t know how they do that’. We watched in awe of the riders as they sped up, slowed down, crashed out and chased each other around the courts. The semi-finals and finals that we saw were a real testament to skill and professionalism of these riders. Add to that a small amount of beer, tatoos, home-made bikes, stencil-art, some pretty eclectic music and you have a winning combination I reckon… Roll on next year I say!