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The Bicycle Book

Just what is it about the bicycle that so enchants us? And why do its devotees become so obsessed with it? Acclaimed author Bella Bathurst takes us on a journey through cycling’s best stories and strangest incarnations, from the bicycle as weapon of twentieth-century warfare to the secret life of couriers and the alchemy of framebuilding. With a cast of characters including the woman who watercycled across the Channel, the man who raced India’s Deccan Queen train and several of today’s top cyclists, she offers us a brilliantly engaging portrait of cycling’s past, present and world-conquering future.

A thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly Recommended by us all here at Boneshaker HQ….

The new 21st Avenue Video

21st Avenue Bicycles BTA Video! from James Wilson on Vimeo.

The Bicycle Cap by peSeta

The Bicycle Cap by peSeta for the New Museum from casa peSeta on Vimeo.


We are very pleased to have been invited to be a part of this! Should be a great event……more info here