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Issue #2 at the printers

Yesterday we approved the final artwork for issue 2 of Boneshaker at the printers and early today we got a call asking whether we would like to see it on the press. Never ones to turn down a bit design geeky-ness, we sped down to Taylor Bros and saw the first few pages of the mag as they shot out of the huge Heidelberg printers.

The second issue is a brighter, bolder affair, with contributions coming from far and wide. The cover art by Taliah Lempert is a firm favourite of Team Boneshaker’s and the inside cover wrap by Rob Hunter looks marvellous too.

Should have the finished article back in a couple of weeks, but until then, enjoy the few pics posted above.

Team Boneshaker

Cycling First Day Cover 1978

There is great market in Bristol called St Nicks, with food stalls, t-shirt sellers, even a bike stall selling our mag….! But tucked neatly on the edge of the market is an amazing stall selling stamps. His stall is so full of stamp albums, boxes, papers etc, its not always that easy to see if anyone is manning the stall. Now, having passed it so many times thinking – I need a reason to go there, I thought…. ‘I wonder if he has any old bike stamps?’ Low and behold, I come away two pounds lighter of pocket, but with a great First Day Cover from 1978, with a lovely series of stamps and also a great bit of typography/illustration that wouldn’t be amiss in Boneshaker.

And now I am thinking I might need to do an illustration in a similar style for a future issue or even the Boneshaker ‘thinking caps’ entry. I have made a vow to myself to go and see ‘Stamp Man’ again some day for inspiration. I love the fact that these little stamps are like a snapshot of the graphic design of the day in miniature form. Not if that makes me a stamp collector….

Creative Director / Boneshaker Magazine

Issue #2 cover art

Issue #2 of Boneshaker is coming together apace, with articles on Brixton Cycles, Long Distance rides, Fixed Gear films and photography projects from far and wide.

The cover artwork for Issue #2, comes courtesy of our friend in NYC, Taliah Lempert, whose bike paintings are amazing. She kindly took time out from her art to answer some questions about the way she works, her love for bikes and the stories of those who ride them.

We will preview a few more pages over the next week or so (once we have gone to print…!)